Why is Good SEO Important?

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The first page of Google results: the holy grail for online businesses. But how did those websites get there? The answer is good SEO.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a powerful tool for enhancing a website’s visibility to search engines. A search engine’s main function is to Index, retrieve and rank websites for its users. Web content creators and digital marketers use SEO to ensure that search engines discover the website and rank it highly.

Good SEO fundamentals

Content is the value a website gives its users. Information such as blogs, videos, and social media posts helps engage a target audience with your website. The better the content the better the user experience (and the lower the bounce rate). Content optimized for SEO signals to search engine crawlers highly relevant answers to the search questions users are asking.

Let’s use an example to illustrate this point. Say there is an online menswear store that wanted to use SEO to rank higher. They might publish a series of blogs about men’s fashion, choosing the right tie or hat as well as seasonal style guides, and more. When a searcher went looking for answers to their questions about men’s fashion tips then the online menswear’s blog would rank highly. With links to different menswear items for sale in the blog, users are more easily steered through the funnel into making a purchase from the store.

However, great content that ranks highly must be organic. Content is all about building an engaging user experience. Overall, it should be fun and interesting, informative, relevant, and inherently shareable.

Targeted Keywords

Keywords are terms and phrases that searchers use within their search queries. They are words that not only help searchers find online content, they can be used by companies to connect with searchers who are looking for information related to their products and services.

Step one to writing highly engaging and relevant content that will rank on the first page of Google is researching what keywords searchers are using to find answers to their questions. In terms of researching keywords, higher frequency keyword searches with little competition are a gold mine for SEO. Using a tool like Google Trends reveals what search terms are very popular at the moment. Not only is it a powerful way of showing how interest in keywords has charted over time, Google Trends actually lets you compare different keyword searches.

Keywords relevant to users’ search queries should be integrated throughout the entirety of a website. Titles, images, meta descriptions and URLs can all be optimized for SEO!

Good user experience = SEO

SEO is a great tool that helps companies with an online presence achieve its goals. It is an integral marketing strategy that creates brand affinity and awareness, drive traffic and help convert searchers into customers.

There is no one single trick to using SEO to rank highly in online searches. Instead, it is a process. Researching how searchers are using keywords and developing engaging and educational content is a great start.

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