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100% free Link Analyzer Software that allows you to keep track of all your website's links. Using this tool, both external and internal connections relevant to your site can be analyzed. Just type in the URL!

- This tool can display your web page's total number of links found.
- The number of internal connections appearing on a web page.
- The number of links external to a web page.
- Follow the number of no and follow the links on a web page.
- This link analyzer is an incredibly useful method for keeping track of links that are embedded in your website or blog.
- This method allows you to evaluate both internal and external links that are linked to your website.

With the aid of this website link checker, the dead links can be easily identified and removed to improve the quality of the article. This is useful for your website because the search engine optimization will greatly benefit. It will give you a better chance of getting your web pages to rank high.