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About URL Rewriting Tool

100% free URL Rewriting Tool which transforms a long dynamic URL into a static URL? Using rewriter of our URL! Simply enter the URL in the URL field below and press "URL rewriter"

Why do we need it Static URLs is much easier to remember and easier to use.
Static URLs are simpler to bookmark or index than dynamic URLs. Static URLs will help you get a good page ranking in different search engines. You'll need to build a file called ".htaccess" and put the created code into it. Once you have generated the.htacess file, copy it to the directory of your web site. This form of URL rewriting will only work if you're hosted on Apache Server.

If you have a clean and simple URL (static URLs), major search engines will be able to distinguish the names of the files and make actual links to keywords. Because it may obstruct the attempt by the search engine to perform indexing on your web pages when still using query string restrictions. Many SEO experts say dynamic URLs aren't appealing to search engine spiders, whereas static URLs are more appealing to these crawlers, which helps to get a good page rank ranking.